Adam Ginsburg's Homepage

I am an assistant professor at the University of Florida's Department of Astronomy. My research is focused on massive star and cluster formation, the IMF, turbulence, and the Central Molecular Zone.

I am supported by the University of Florida, NSF grant 2008101 "How are stellar masses set?", NRAO Development Study "Linking CASA to the astropy ecosystem", and Astropy Moore Foundation Grant "Sustaining and Growing the Astropy Project".
In Spring through Summer 2021, I am co-hosting a talk series on Star Formation in the CMZ.

Recent news highlight: We found salt (NaCl and KCl) around the 15 solar mass Orion Source I (and other folks found more) and CS masers around W51e2e, which have been partly explained and may trace the disk around the most massive YSOs accreting today, which is kept small by 'chaotic', asymmetric inflow.