Adam Ginsburg's Homepage

I am an assistant professor at the University of Florida's Department of Astronomy. My research is focused on massive star and cluster formation, the IMF, turbulence, and the Central Molecular Zone.

I am supported by the University of Florida, NSF AST grant 2008101 "How are stellar masses set?", Astropy Moore Foundation Grant "Sustaining and Growing the Astropy Project", NSF CAREER grant 2142300, "Mass Measurements in the Galaxy", and NSF AST grant 2206511, "ACES Galactic Center Mass Flow." I am also supported by the Space Telescope Science Institute through observer support for JWST program 2221.

I am a member of the James Webb Space Telescope Users Committee (JSTUC), so please contact me if you have constructive feedback to offer the JWST scientific management.

In Spring 2023, I teach Star Formation.

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