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Adam Ginsburg
Professor, University of Florida (2019)

Previous Employment:
NRAO Jansky Fellow, Socorro (2016-2019)
ESO Fellow, Garching (2013-2016)

PhD Astrophysics, April 2013 (advisor: John Bally)
    M.S. Astrophysics September 2009
    Passed comprehensive exam II (oral masters defense) June 12 2009.
    Passed comprehensive exam January 2009.
University of Colorado Astrophysical and Planetary Sciences, August 2007-2013
BS Astrophysics, Rice University, May 2006
NSF 2008101 "How are stellar masses set? Measurements of the pre-IMF with ALMA"
NRAO Development Study "Linking CASA to the astropy ecosystem"

Publications: [ arXiv listing ] [ ADS library ] [ ORCID ]

First author: total 16 papers (January 22, 2019 - note that this is getting updated less frequently; just use ADS)
  1. Ginsburg, Adam McGuire, B., Plambeck, R., Bally, J., Goddi, C., Wright, M. ApJ, 872, 54
    Orion Source I's disk is salty
  2. Ginsburg, Adam and the astroquery team AJ, 157, 98
    Astroquery: An Astronomical Web-Querying Package in Python
  3. Ginsburg, Adam ; Kruijssen, J.M.D. 2018 ApJL, 864, L17
    A High Cluster Formation Efficiency in the Sagittarius B2 Complex
  4. Ginsburg, Adam ; Bally, J.; Goddi, C.; Plambeck, R.; Wright, M. 2018 ApJ, 860, 119
    A Keplerian Disk around Orion SrcI, a ~15 Msun YSO
  5. Ginsburg, Adam; Bally, J.; Barnes, A.; Bastian, N.; Battersby, C.; Beuther, H.; Brogan, C.; Contreras, Y.; Corby, J.; Darling, J.; De Pree, C.; Galván-Madrid, R.; Garay, G.; Henshaw, J.; Hunter, T.; Kruijssen, J.~M.~D.; Longmore, S.; Lu, X.; Meng, F.; Mills, E.~A.~C.; Ott, J.; Pineda, J.~E.; Sánchez-Monge, Á.; Schilke, P.; Schmiedeke, A.; Walker, D.; Wilner, D. 2018 ApJ, 853, 171
    Distributed Star Formation throughout the Galactic Center Cloud Sgr B2
  6. Ginsburg, Adam; Goddi, Ciriaco; Kruijssen, J. M. Diederik; Bally, John; Smith, Rowan; Galván-Madrid, Roberto; Mills, Elisabeth A. C.; Wang, Ke; Dale, James E.; Darling, Jeremy; Rosolowsky, Erik; Loughnane, Robert; Testi, Leonardo; Bastian, Nate, 2017, ApJ 842, 92
    Thermal Feedback in the High-mass Star- and Cluster-forming Region W51
  7. Ginsburg, Adam; Goss, W. M.; Goddi, Ciriaco; Galván-Madrid, Roberto; Dale, James E.; Bally, John; Battersby, Cara D.; Youngblood, Allison; Sankrit, Ravi; Smith, Rowan; Darling, Jeremy; Kruijssen, J. M. Diederik; Liu, Hauyu Baobab, A&A 595, A27
    Toward gas exhaustion in the W51 high-mass protoclusters
  8. Ginsburg, Adam; Walsh, Andrew; Henkel, Christian; Jones, Paul A.; Cunningham, Maria; Kauffmann, Jens; Pillai, Thushara; Mills, Elisabeth A. C.; Ott, Juergen; Kruijssen, J. M. Diederik; Menten, Karl M.; Battersby, Cara; Rathborne, Jill; Contreras, Yanett; Longmore, Steven; Walker, Daniel; Dawson, Joanne; Lopez, John A. P., 2015 A&A, 584L, 7
    High-mass star-forming cloud G0.38+0.04 in the Galactic Center Dust Ridge contains H2CO and SiO masers
  9. Ginsburg, Adam, Henkel, Christian; Ao, Yiping; Riquelme, Denise; Kauffmann, Jens; Pillai, Thushara; Mills, Elisabeth A. C.; Requena-Torres, Miguel A.; Immer, Katharina; Testi, Leonardo; Ott, Juergen; Bally, John; Battersby, Cara; Darling, Jeremy; Aalto, Susanne; Stanke, Thomas; Kendrew, Sarah; Kruijssen, J. M. Diederik; Longmore, Steven; Dale, James; Guesten, Rolf; Menten, Karl M., 2016 A&A, 586, 50
    Dense gas in the Galactic central molecular zone is warm and heated by turbulence
  10. Ginsburg, Adam, John Bally, Cara Battersby, Allison Youngblood, Jeremy Darling, Erik Rosolowsky, Héctor Arce, and Mayra E. Lebrón Santos 2015, A&A, 573, A106
    The dense gas mass fraction in the W51 cloud and its protoclusters
  11. Ginsburg, Adam, Federrath, Christoph, and Darling, Jeremy 2013, ApJ, 779, 50
    A measurement of the turbulence-driven density distribution in a non-star-forming molecular cloud
  12. Ginsburg, Adam; Glenn, Jason; Rosolowsky, Erik; Ellsworth-Bowers, Timothy P.; Battersby, Cara; Dunham, Miranda; Merello, Manuel; Shirley, Yancy; Bally, John; Evans, Neal J., II; Stringfellow, Guy; Aguirre, James October, 2013 ApJS, 208, 14
       The Bolocam Galactic Plane Survey. IX. Data Release 2 and Outer Galaxy Extension
  13. Ginsburg, A., Bressert, E., Bally, J., and Battersby, C. , August, 2012, ApJL, 758, L29
       There are no starless massive proto-clusters in the first quadrant of the Galaxy
  14. Ginsburg, A., Bally, J., and Williams, J. 2011, MNRAS, 418, 2121
       "JCMT HARP CO 3-2 Observations of Molecular Outflows in W5"
    [ full version ]
  15. Adam Ginsburg, Jeremy Darling, Cara Battersby, Ben Zeiger, John Bally 2011, ApJ, 736, 149
       "Galactic H2CO Densitometry I: Pilot survey of Ultracompact HII regions and methodology"
    [ full version ]
  16. Ginsburg, A. G.; Bally, J.; Yan, C.; Williams, J. P. 2009, ApJ, 707,p310-327
        "Outflows and Massive Stars in the protocluster IRAS 05358+3543"
    [ full version ]

Public Code Projects:
There are projects listed on my github page. These are some of the most-used public tools:
pyspeckit, a spectroscopic plotting and fitting tool written in Python
agpy, a collection of mostly standalone python and IDL codes.
The BGPS pipeline, the pipeline for the Bolocam Galactic Plane Survey (IDL)
casaradio Codes generated by the radio astronomers at my institution
aposoftware Reduction codes and observing scripts for the APO 3.5m telescope
astroquery Querying tools for catalogs and image archives
image_registration Image Registration tools in python (primarily using cross-correlation)
radio-astro-tools Tools for analyzing radio tools, especially data cubes
spectral-cube The specific tool for examining and manipulating spectral data cubes; a subset of radio-astro-tools
sdpy Single-dish OTF mapping reduction toolkit
FITS_tools Tools for regridding FITS files to match one another

Selected Talks:
The origin of galaxies, stars, and planets in the era of ALMA - December 2017, invited talk
University of Texas Colloquium, March 6, 2017
University of Colorado JILA Lunch Talk, March 3, 2017
San Jose State University Seminar, Feb 16, 2017
NASA Ames/SOFIA Science Center Colloquium, Feb 15, 2017
JPL Lunch Seminar, Feb 6, 2017
NRAO Socorro, November, 2016 [ video ]
DAO Herzberg Colloquium, November, 2016
UVA / NRAO Charlottesville Colloquium, November, 2016 [ video ]
SOFIA: The Local Truth, October, 2016 [ program ]
ALMA 5-years, September, 2016
Sexten Clusters, July, 2016
Early Phase of Star Formation, Ringberg, June, 2016
From Stars to Massive Stars, Gainesville, Florida, April, 2016
APEX Ringberg, March, 2016
6th Zermatt ISM conference, September, 2015
Universität Köln lunch talk, July 26, 2015
Harvard CfA lunch talk, July 17, 2015
VLA Science Operations Center lunch talk, July 15, 2015
EWASS Symposium 6, June, 2015
Astropy workshop at the Lorentz Center, April 2015
Soul of High Mass Star Formation, Chile, March 2015
Informal Discussion, ESO Garching, May 20 2015
Lunch Talk, UFL Gainesville, April 3 2014
Lunch Talk, ESO Garching, February 11 2014
Lunch Talk, MPIfR, October 2013
Labyrinth of Star Formation, June 21, 2012: Surveying pre-stellar gas with the BGPS
MW2011 conference, September 19th, 2011: The Bolocam Galactic Plane Survey and Formaldehyde Follow-up
JILA seminar: The Bolocam Galactic Plane Survey

Summer Schools:
IRAM single-dish, Granada, Spain, September 2009
NRAO VLA Synthesis Imaging, Socorro, New Mexico, July 2006

[ My FCQs from teaching at CU ]
Taught ASTR 2600: Computational Techniques in Fall 2012 and Spring 2013
Taught ASTR 1120: Stars and Galaxies with Devin Silvia during Summer term B, 2010
TA for ASTR 3520, Fall 2007, Fall 2008, Spring 2010
TA for ASTR 3510, Spring 2008, Fall 2009 , Fall 2011

Winter Park Star Safari, July 2011
Presentation to Boulder Astronomical Society 1/16/2010
Public presentations at REI September 2008, 2009
Judge at Centennial Middle School science fair 1/30/2009
Judge at Boulder Country Day science fair 12/10/2008
Vail Nature Center presentation 7/19/2008
Volunteer for Sommers-Bausch Observatory Open Houses, 2007-2013
Volunteer for University of Colorado Astronomy Day, 2008-2011
Volunteer for middle school science day at the University of Denver, May 2007
Judge for Denver Metro Science Fair, 2/27/2008

Awards / Honors:
2011 CU APS department Chance Irick Cooke Graduate Fellowship recipient
2010 NRAO Student Observing Support
2009 NSF GRFP Honorable Mention
2008 NRAO Photo Contest First Prize
2008 NSF GRFP Honorable Mention
2008 University of Colorado Astrophysical and Planetary Sciences Excellence in Teaching award
2006 National Radio Astronomy Observatory - summer REU with David Meiers

Large Collaborations:
2015-present: MGPS: The GBT MUSTANG Galactic Plane Survey
  PI: Adam Ginsburg
2017-present: ALMA-IMF: ALMA transforms our view of the origin of stellar masses
  PI: Frederique Motte, Adam Ginsburg, Patricio A. Sanhueza, Fabien Louvet
2017-present: ALCHEMI: ALMA Comprehensive High-resolution Extragalactic Molecular Inventory
  PI: Jeff Mangum, Nanase Harada, Sergio Martin
2016-present: KEYSTONE KFPA Examinations of Young Stellar (O-star) Natal Environments
  PI: James di Francesco
2015-present: CMZoom SMA-CMZ Legacy Survey
  PI: Cara Battersby and Eric Keto
2015-present GAS: Green Bank Ammonia Survey [ Overview Paper ]
  PI: Jaime Pineda and Rachel Friesen
2014-present SEDIGISM: Structure, Excitation, and Dynamics of the Interstellar Medium
  PI: Frederic Schuller
2010-2016 Hi-Gal: Herschel Infrared Galactic Plane Survey
  PI: Sergio Molinari
2008-2016 BGPS: Bolocam Galactic Plane Survey
  PI: John Bally // Advisor: John Bally, James Aguirre
2007-2008 SAGE: Surveying the Agents of a Galaxy's Evolution: A Spitzer Space Telescope survey of the Large Magellanic Cloud
  PI: Margaret Meixner // Advisor: Toshiya Ueta

Fluent in: Python, IDL, HTML, LaTeX, Unix Shell
Some experience with: PHP, SQL, Fortran, Mathematica, Perl, PDL, CGI, C++

Data Reduction / Processing:
Optical, Near-IR with IRAF/pyRAF
Optical, UV with Python
Sub-mm,mm,cm Spectroscopy with the Starlink package, CLASS, GBTIDL
mm continuum for Bolocam with custom IDL
Photometric Database Analysis with PDL, Python, SQL, PHP

Observing: [see my observing page for details ]
(I'm having a hard time keeping this up to date; see the PDF CV for a more complete list)
PI VLA projects:
PI GBT projects:
PI ALMA projects:
Other telescopes on which I have led PI programs:
  • Apache Point Optical and Near-IR
  • EVLA, VLA and VLA archival
  • ATCA
  • GBT spectrometer
  • CSO heterodyne (Frank's Receiver), SHARC, Bolocam
  • Arecibo Mock Spectrometer

Revista Mexicana de Astronomía y Astrofísica: 2010 -
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society: 2010 -
Astronomy and Astrophysics: 2013 -
Astrophysical Journal: 2013 -
Science: 2014 -
Nature: 2015 -
PASJ: 2018 -

Graduate and Undergraduate Students Supervised:
See Research Group